EPA Phase II Qualified GT-6000 Downdraft Gasification Wood Boiler

No Smoke, but Plenty of Fire. Inspired by jet engines, our new GT-6000 will burn your fuel, and then burn it again.

NCB-325G Outdoor Wood Boiler

Built like a tank. With laser precision. Totally capable for 10,000 sqft.

Our New G-Series NCB Boilers

Bigger and better, with more space than before. NCB275G — NCB325G — NCB400G.

Burn Better with COAL

Six of our models are equipped to burn coal for ultimate efficiency and savings. Use the Comfort that Nature provides with coal heat and take control of your heating costs for your home, shop, business, greenhouse, hot water, and even your pool and hot tub!

Why Should You Buy Nature’s Comfort?

Get warmth and savings, efficient for your home and your wallet! Trust Nature’s Comfort and get your peace of mind today.